The Commentator

George Galloway has been writing columns, making radio and television programs for over thirty years.

A columnist for the Spectator, the Sunday Times, the Guardian, the Independent, the Daily Express, the Daily Record, the Roman Catholic paper, Flourish the Mail on Sunday, the Morning Star, Labour Weekly Tribune the Scotsman the Dundee Standard and many others.

Galloway is the Author (with Bob Wiley) of “Downfall: the Ceausescus and the Romanian revolution” (Futura 1991), “I’m Not the Only One” (Penguin 2005), “Fidel Castro Handbook” (MQP 2006), “Open Season: The Neil Lennon Story” (Self-published 2011), “The Quotable Galloway – from Alcohol to Zionism” (self-published 2014). All books are available here.

George Galloway has presented well over one thousand mainly Live television and Radio Shows on Talksport Talk Radio LBC Sunrise WBAI Press TV Channel 4 RT International RT America RT UK and Al Mayadeen TV.

He is a frequent guest on other people’s radio and television shows. Highlights available on his YouTube Channel